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Summers heating up and so is the MRR schedule. It's been a few weeks since we have update everyone on here, we have been putting in some consistent finishes all in the top 4 in the last 5 weeks. But the real prize we are after has eluded us, we just haven't gotten it all right on the right night. The latest we actually got to lead about 12/13 laps in the feature Sunday night, before we encountered heavy lapped traffic and I just started leaving just enough of a gap to let Gharst under me. We are really getting frustrated running 3rd but hey it most definitely could be worse!
On deck we have the ASCS National tour coming to town this weekend starting Friday night at Rapid Speedway in Rock Rapids,IA. Then a possible stop to I90 Speedway Saturday night and on to Husets Sunday night.
We sure hope to see you at the races!

2nd @ Husets


What a difference a week can make! A week ago was arguably the worst track Husets Speedways ever seen, fast forward one week and the track we have all come to love is back!
I had about the best draw at the back gate I've seen all year with a 22, and that out us 2nd row for our heat race, We ran to second. The draws sure haven't been falling our way so far this year. We statted 7th in the Amain and had a very good car, we can up to 2nd there at the end. I think with a couple more laps we maybe had a shot at it. Jordan martens ran a great race and we tip our hats to him and his crew, it was well deserved.
We hope we can build on this and continue to run out front, and maybe make a bid at the season championship. I don't know if we have enough financial backing to make it the entire season, but were trying to run all the races at husets this season. So if you have any intrest in helping our team out or know someone who might please let us know!

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